Stand up

Mothers, hold your daughters close tonight. Watch them sleep, and imagine the world you are about to build for them. Sisters, scream your rage into the wind, and then put »

Our First House

"We wish we could afford this," we said to ourselves. It was Valentines day when we first saw the apartment, and I could not sleep, thinking about it. It was »


Rich posted on Facebook about how the world smelled on September 11, 2001. Kris tweeted about how the community of New Yorkers felt on September 12. All of it brougth »

Identity Crisis

Last night I read my Facebook feed. I started out looking for some photo I wanted, and I found myself just scrolling through, getting the general feel of the things »

When Bugs Attack!

At the coffee shop on Sunday, I happened to show the kids this thing. Owen's eyes lit up, and I could see the imaginative gears turning as he scrolled up »