At the coffee shop on Sunday, I happened to show the kids this thing.

Owen's eyes lit up, and I could see the imaginative gears turning as he scrolled up and down and up and down, visiting and re-visiting each photo. Throughout the day, the kids recalled scenes of dinosaur damage, and laughed. Over dinner, the kids begged me to stage a toy attack in the night.

Owen brought me his three plastic dinosaurs. I suggested that we add the bugs, since he has quite a large collection of giant plastic bugs.

I did not tell them what I planned. When they woke they found this:

Bugs Attack the Halloween Candy!

Bugs and Dinosaurs Attack the Halloween Candy

Naturally, they ate up all the broken Hershey bars and spilled M&Ms, and then played Dinosaurs and Bugs for about 45 minutes. Then, surprisingly, Scarlett cleaned up the whole mess.

At breakfast, Owen secretly passed me a giant grasshopper under the table and whispered, "Next time, this guy can have a toilet paper swing!"