"We wish we could afford this," we said to ourselves. It was Valentines day when we first saw the apartment, and I could not sleep, thinking about it.

It was in rough condition, but it had two bedrooms, a dishwasher and a washer and drier!

The location was ideal. Right on Prospect Park, and next to a major subway hub. The commute into The City was shorter than my old cross-town commute from Mid-Town to Chelsea. Everything we needed for dogs and kids was only steps away. We even had dear friends living nearby.

I couldn’t picture buying anything else, now that I’d seen that apartment.

In some ways, I think I’ll always miss it.

This was our first home together. It was where we lived when Scarlett was a baby. It was the setting for so much optimistic planning, and the launching point for one hundred lavish walks through the park.

We rennovated that apartment within an inch of it's life, and when it was done, it was exactly the home we wanted.

Our Apartment

When I recall the hours we spent writing and sipping lattes at Joyce bakery- just steps away on Vanderbilt Ave- I sometimes wish we'd never left.

But it's easy, isn't it, to look back on life and feel sad about the things we have left behind? That kind of thinking never gets me anywhere. Brooklyn will always be part of my story. One of many fine moments that have been, and that are still to come.