We lived in New York, but the wedding was in Seattle.

We had to hire a planner.
She found the location. She helped with the logistics. She was a tremendous help in getting set up for the big day.
She was also a Nazi.

During our pre-wedding photo shoot, she interrupted the photographer to tell me that I had to get myself up to my room immediately. “The guests will start arriving in 30 minutes.”

“But I wanted to get some shots outside” our outstanding photographer complained. I wanted some shots outside too!

“No more pictures. You have to go upstairs.”

Undeterred, the photographer asked the caterer if there was a back way out. He led us out a back door, though a hallway, and into the back entrance of Zeitgeist coffee shop. When we paused in the doorway for a photo, the coffee drinkers applauded. Then we fled. We ran like kids through Pioneer Square smooching and giggling and getting lots of good shots.
I made it back just in time to touch up my lipstick, and head for the aisle.