For the first dance, we chose a cha cha.

The song was “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” by Doris Day. It’s playful for a wedding, and we loved the classic sound of it.

We took lessons, once a week. The dance instructor choreographed some steps for us, a beginning and an ending. Some turns and moves to put together in between. It was fun, and romantic in a sweet way to practice for our wedding day weeks in advance.

I was enrolled in the Maui Writer’s Conference, so three weeks before our wedding we flew to Maui for two weeks, then directly to Seattle to get ready for the big day. We had the song on our MP3 player, and we practiced every day. In our hotel room, with the salt air in our hair. It was something good.

When the big day arrived, we rehearsed again, after the ceremony but before the reception. We were perfect. Then I slipped on my satin shoes and down we went to join the party.

The Wedding Nazi rushed us through the speeches and toasts. She whisked the cake in for that first bite, and before I knew it there we were. I felt halfway out of my body. My feet slipped around in my shoes. My dress swished around my legs.

We weren’t perfect.

But it was one of my favorite memories. Ever.