We are not cake people.

When I was planning the wedding I flew to Seattle for a weekend. I was so busy with tuxedo rentals and site tours that I almost skipped the cake tasting. I thought, “How bad could it be? We’ll get a carrot cake from the baker the wedding planner recommended.”

It was Melissa who changed my mind.

“You know that face Kris makes. The one he makes when he tastes something awful? You don’t want that in your wedding photos.”

It’s true. When Kris doesn’t like something that is in his mouth, he cannot hide it. The frown he makes reminds me of the face a child makes when you put lemon on her tongue.

So we made time to taste the cake.
And I made that lemon face at the bakery. Their carrot cake tasted like sand mixed with Crisco.

I very nearly returned to New York empty-handed. Then, Peter called. Gabriella was learning to bake and decorate wedding cakes. I went to their house, and we discussed the design I wanted, and the flavor. After the wedding, Peter told me Gabby made at least 10 practice cakes.

It was the best carrot cake I ever ate. Ever.
Several of the guests went back for a second piece. Heck, I went back for seconds.

Gabriella had filled it with nuts and raisins, and covered it in white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Verna created the floral decorations.

It was a magical collaboration.